Sol2B specializes in the development and implementation of application software for enterprises of any type and size. Our developments, carefully tested in real production, help to turn customers ‘ business into intelligent and highly automated enterprises. A comprehensive set of applications and services allows our customers to work more efficiently, constantly adapt and quickly make changes in the ever-changing market conditions.

In our work we focus on the following principles:

  • Focus on meeting the real needs of each individual user
  • Be a reliable and profitable partner, be honest with partners and end users.
  • Initial testing of software products on real business.

ITpass - Enterprise Resource Planning system

ITpass is a comprehensive resource planning and production management system that allows you to streamline and streamline all its stages and commercial components, financial accounting, as well as distribute tasks and control their implementation for employees of the enterprise.

The system is built on a modular principle, where each of the modules is individually configured for different types of production activities , which ensures transparency in the execution of all business processes with maximum accuracy.

The system is universal and can be easily applied to any type of production activity, taking into account the individual characteristics of each direction.

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Smart Refrigerator system for monitoring products in the refrigerator

RFID solution from ITON group:
ITON group together with the Russian manufacturer of RFID tags have developed a unique technological solution – “smart refrigerator”. the solution consists of 3 main components:

RFID equipment suitable for mounting on any refrigerator with a metal insert
RFID tag that is read from bottles (including plastic ones)
Software for transferring data to the distributor’s ERP system / building reports via the web interface

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AdDi-Media Content Broadcasting System

Addi Communication system is a service for integrated remote management of media content at points of sale, shopping centers, and in any other public areas where it is necessary.

The service is based on the ability to control and manage each individual video terminal or group of terminals.

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