Enterprise Resource Planning system

ITpass is a comprehensive resource planning and production management system that allows you to streamline all its stages and commercial components, financial accounting, as well as distribute tasks and control their implementation for employees of the enterprise.

The system is built on a modular principle, where each of the modules is individually configured for different types of production activities , which ensures transparency in the execution of all business processes with maximum accuracy.

The system is universal and can be easily applied to any type of production activity, taking into account the individual characteristics of each direction.

The main modules of the ITpass system :

  • Production Module
  • Commercial Module
  • Warehouse Module
  • Financial Module
  • Design module


ITpass ERP technical parameters

The ITPass ERP software architecture is based on the modern “Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)”design pattern. This template has proven itself well in the development of software that is constantly being upgraded in the process, as it allows you to divide the development process into several threads,for example, such as working on the system logic and working on the user interface.

ITPass ERP is written in the modern C# programming language (C-Sharp). C# belongs to the family of languages with C-like code syntax, of the entire family of C programming languages, C# syntax is the closest to C++ and Java. The language has static typing, supports polymorphism, operator overloading (including explicit and implicit type casting operators), delegates, attributes, events, properties, generalized types and methods, iterators, anonymous functions with support for closures, LINQ, exceptions, comments in XML format.


Production module

  • control of the production process from the formation of the order to the completion of the truck with the display of all the transport companies used
  • control of the production process from the formation of the order to the completion of the truck with the display of all the transport companies used
    each operation has its own unique identifier
  • Generates material statements for manufactured products, which allows you to control the consumption of materials
  • Control of the time spent on each operation in the production cycle, which allows you to carry out production planning and control of the employee’s working time and the equipment used
  • Collects detailed statistics throughout the entire production cycle in order to generate analytical reports
    recording the location of employees in the workplace
  • Optimization of the personnel load, taking into account the specialization of the staff
  • Monitoring of working hours
  • Implementation of quality control of the work performed by accounting for the products produced in the quantitative equivalent
  • Accounting for used and compatible hardware for performing a specific operation
  • Implementation of automatic calculation of production standards
  • The program summarizes the material and labor intensity that is used in each operation on the product.
  •  Each operation is entered manually, indicating the number of materials and the preliminary norm, then statistics are collected according to the norm upon completion, and then the approved norm is set


Logistics module

  • The ability to complete a truck with a display of all the transport companies used
  • in the program, the function of automating the calculation of logistics, based on the delivery address of the cargo, is available
  • Implementation control and supply chain planning
  • Distribution and control of visited points among drivers



Warehouse module

  • Accounting, receipts , write-off of products in stock
  • Display of purchased items
  • Inventory of products in stock
  • The system generates a barcode for each item in the warehouse and its dimensions and location in the warehouse
  • Inventory is carried out by the system automatically when entering data using the TSD or importing from files.


Supply module

  • Accounting, receipts, write-off of products in stock
  • Control and accounting of purchased products
  • Organization of tenders



Financial module

  • Implementation of commercial calculation of manufactured products
  • Statistics on components and final products produced
  • Calculation of wages for employees of the enterprise
  • Control of shipments to the final recipient
  • Calculation of labor intensity
  • Financial planning
  • Pricing
  • Payment Calendar


Construction module

  • Control over the setting of technical specifications for designers and designers for existing orders
  • Control over the terms of execution of technical specifications
  • Distribution of tasks in the context of each employee (engineers , designers)
  • Synchronization of the system with programs of the AutoCAD series for the most convenient viewing of design documentation and drawings


Our advantages

On a comparative example with 1C:Company:

  • In 1C products, the main focus is on document management, and not on working with production technology and automation through the use of data from various databases when calculating production deadlines, optimizing the production process when building a production plan.
  • ERP is designed to work in a dynamically changing situation with production orders: the availability of tools for automatically adjusting the production process when the situation with the number of orders changes (adding urgent orders, for example) or adjusting positions in orders.
  • The main goal of ITPass is to reduce production time as efficiently as possible. Time is the main irreplaceable resource when doing business.

Accounting, Tax accounting, document management:

In the current version of ITPass ERP, modules such as accounting, tax accounting, and document management are not included.

In the vast majority of companies, accounting and document management is conducted on 1C products and the staff is qualified to work in it and is not always able or willing to retrain to another system. We focus on ensuring the compatibility of ITPass with 1C products through the possibility of data exchange and document management integration.


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