Система «Умный холодильник» для мониторинга товаров в холодильнике

Problems faced by distributors

Untimely display of goods

  • the decline in sales of goods on average by 5-10% due to the lack of goods on the shelf in the low season and the large losses in the high season


Putting someone else's product in the refrigerator

  • putting someone else’s product in the refrigerator: inappropriate use of the refrigerator, negative image, sales of competitors through the distributor’s refrigerator
  • retail chains provide only generalized data for the month in the context of the store as a whole


The lack of adequate information on the dynamics of sales

  • there is no information about expired products, it is difficult to monitor the presence of expired products in the window
  • merchandising costs range from 3 to 6 rubles per bottle

Merchandising and call center costs

  • it is difficult to check the quality of the work of the merchandiser
  • the merchandiser gives information only for a certain date
  • it is necessary to maintain a call center to obtain operational information about the remaining goods in the store


RFID solution from ITON group

ITON group together with the Russian manufacturer of RFID tags have developed a unique technological solution – “SMART REFRIGERATOR”. the solution consists of 3 main components:


RFID equipment suitable for mounting on any refrigerator with a metal insert.

  • the device can be mounted in any trading refrigerator
  • interval metering products (can be set from 10 MS to 24 h)
  • accounting time of the refrigerator
  • the location of the refrigerator
  • the definition of temperature and humidity in the fridge
  • the definition of the displacement of unmarked products in the fridge
  • the ability to connect external devices – for example, mini projector with display for glass door refrigerator


RFID tag that is read from bottles (including plastic ones)

  • 100% – identification of labeled products in the refrigerator • the label is made on a self-adhesive tape compatible with modern applicators and can be applied to the bottle automatically at the time of filling drinks


Software for transferring data to the distributor’s ERP system / building reports via the web interface

  • software allows you to transmit in real time to the ERP system or display information about the remaining goods in refrigerators
  •  buildimg detailed reports on the sale of products in the context of refrigerators/groups of refrigerators, product varieties, with details up to a minute


How it works?

  1. The label is automatically placed on the bottle (for example, under the label) at the time of filling drinks.
  2. RFID equipment records a unique batch number on the label, and the necessary information about the batch is transmitted to the Smart Refrigerator software: grade, date of manufacture, expiration date, etc.
  3. The bottle is transferred to the retailer, placed in the refrigerator, or dropped out of the refrigerator.
  4. All information about the movement of the bottle is transmitted to the Smart Refrigerator software.
  5. The Smart Refrigerator software transmits data to the ERP system, or prepares analytical reports for users.

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